Glow Backgrounds - Customize Your Wallpaper! App Reviews

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Great iPhone apps

Nice but small selection

As the title already gives it away... It does look really nice but the variety is tiny. There are similar apps out there that offer way more than this for the same/similar price. Therefore, youre better off investing in those (example: iTheme).

Pretty Good

Its a pretty good app and does what it says. The only thing I can think of that it needs is more glow patterns that fit the lockscreen and background. Maybe a color maker for glow too. ***


Yea...after I bought this I just learned that when you get the iOs 4 update only the 8g doesnt get the menu background.. But the app is pretty cool

Doesnt work

When I try to put it as a background on my menu it wont let me

0 stars!!

This is the worst app EVER!! Either they make it better or I need a refund!!!!! /:(

Does not work!!

This app doesnt work!! It only allows me to make a wallpaper and not the background...please update so it works, thanks.


This app is a piece of crap if you have a 8GB ipod

To all the ppl who say it dont work

It does. U just need to update ur phone. If ur to dumb to relize this then u dont deserve an iPhone/itouch. Works fine for me. Looks great. YOU NEED THE NEW O.S4 UPDATE. Dont download if u dont. Hope there are some updates for different colors an layout. Cool app

Not bad

The icons need to fit within the glow better.


I dont get it after it says go to settings than wallpapers than camera roll but I dont have camera roll plz help me

Works as advertised

Meh. Not bad, works like it says. Not very exciting, but at the very least its decent.

Yes, it works as advertised

Meet the requirement needed for ur device & then only install this application. It works as advertised with no problems at all. I gave three stars because I couldnt get the concept of glowing the icons, I didnt like the looks of my devices background after I set this as my homescreen. I am running this app. on my iPod touch 3rd gen. 64 gb with ios 4.0.2. (for those who r complaining of not having camera roll options, just click on saved photos instead of camera roll).

Seriously objective

I had high hopes despite all the negative reviews...what a disappointment! This App looks cooler than it actually is. My home screen looks like mediocre neon. Dont waste your money!


I dont understand this app. It displays a beautiful image but when you save it, it covers it with an ugly grid. Why? Total waste of money.

Yes, it does work - ios4 needed

It does add an interesting dimension to home screen, but you do need IOS4 or iPhone 4


makes my home screen look even nicer! :D

Should be Free

Works fine on my iphone4.,not enough choices and lines looks funny coz it doesnt fit apps. Its just ugly I ended up using only 1pattern.


i just cant understand how to put it on homescreen!:( cmon man....tell me!!... : (

Fun App

Simple to use. No complications on my iPhone 4.

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